Smart & Green Mobility

We are committed to drive the nation’s transportation migration from ICE to EV in line with Malaysian government’s commitment in the adaptation of Low Carbon Mobility Blueprint (LCMB) 2021-2030.

Electric Vehicle Project

Ecoride Sdn. Bhd. is a consortium formed by 3 leading companies established in 2020 to spearhead the green mobility agenda using electrified multimodal transportation via a High-Capacity Pooling model. We want to propagate the growth of the Electric Vehicle (EV) and provide future solutions for decarbonisation ecosystem in Malaysia. In order to drive the nation’s green economy, we believe it is time to accelerate the transition of green technology and create a sustainable society. With our aims and passion toward creating Smart and Green Mobility, we want to transform the use of our product through the digital and cashless platform for our community.

To become a direct contributor to the low carbon commitment action, contributing to overall GHG reduction for Malaysia.

Facilitate fleet owners to overcome the barriers of electrification across vehicles, charging, and energy. Our system of products and services allows fleet operators to approach electrification holistically.

With access to top-notch products and services, we offer integrated solutions to minimize the total cost of EV ownership and maximize operational efficiency.

Digital Solution

Perisind Samudra Carbon Credit Program is a platform that manages your carbon credits. Carbon credits are created through carbon offsets from the activities that reduce GHG emissions or absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) which in our case via the utilisation of Electric Vehicle (EV) through ECORIDE platform. That will be the main source of our carbon credits.

These carbon credits will then be translated into “eco points” as rewards point and loyalty program that can be utilised by the end users. This will educate and entice users to enrol in green and sustainable lifestyle.

Research & Development

Partnering with local academic institutions, we aim to create a synergistic smart and green entrepreneurial ecosystem among university, industry and community.